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Country Dance and Song Society

April 15th, 2007

NEFFA - 4/20-2/22 (Boston Area) @ 07:04 pm

NEFFA is this upcoming weekend. Lots of good music, fun dancing, interesting shopping... And all at a new bigger location (Mansfield... note the traffic control direction on NEFFA's direction site).

I'll be there. Will you?

If you are attending and you want to lend a hand, I know volunteers are still needed in the areas of sound, setup and tear down. Specific needs include: hanging curtains this Thursday (6pm-10), dealing with clearing the set off of the one stage this Friday (10am-?), running a sound board at festival in a small room for an hour or two (various specific times), general set up (Friday) and general tear down (Sunday 5-10).

If you happen to have solid sound experience and would be willing to run sound during one of the more complicated performances... please do speak up. We are stretching our experienced staff fairly thin with the move to the new location. There is just a need for more folks. So, if you know how to run a board and want to help, please do speak up. If you can help with set up, that would be lovely too. As a side note: the two gym venues have professional staff in them, this is for the 2 auditoriums and the 3 small concert halls with sound systems.

I have the email address for the volunteer coordinator (she isn't on lj). You'll want to contact her directly... bethany at seeger dot ws note that this doesn't end in the typical com or edu or anything, just the ws.

(If you are wanting to help with sound, feel free to contact me as well as Bethany.)
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Country Dance and Song Society