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Country Dance and Song Society

December 13th, 2007

(no subject) @ 09:38 am

 Yes, you are not the only ones.  There are many, many of us out there, secretly going about watching adaptations of Jane Austen, sewing stays and ballgowns, trying to find the perfect fabric for our reticules.  We are here indeed.

And the Oregon Regency Society (that's us) along with the Arizona Regency Society have created the RSA (Regency Society of America), mainly to unite the many regency-themed groups out there.  The RSA has in part incepted a Regency forum that unites one and all.  It includes discussions about Regency costume, dance (English Country Dance), books, patterns, Napoleon, etiquette, Austen, modern regency romance... heck, ANYTHING regency!  It's a new community, so join today to help it be successful!

If you are part of a regional regency-related group, please join the RSA.  It is our goal to create a unified resource for all things regency around the country so if one person wants to find a group, they need only look at regencysa.org.



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Country Dance and Song Society